Saturday, March 25, 2006

Existing JavaScript frameworks

On the Internet, I haven't seen many usable JavaScript frameworks until now. There are very much usable sites (such as Quirksmode), that figure out browser differences for JavaScript, but mostly it's just a short script per problem;I haven't seen this structured in a framework.

For my customers I have written different JavaScript utility classes that help the programmer to focus on business logic. Some key features of these scripts:

  • Resolution detection

  • Flash detection (detect if Flash version x is available)

  • Event management: register multiple events for the event types onload, onresize, onmousemove

  • Simplifies integration of FCK editor in forms

  • Integration with Taconit (Ajax framework)

  • Get very much info about the screen (resolution, window size, document size)

All things are implemented straightforward; it implements technical features many JavaScript writers need.

I'm thinking about it, to publish this collection of scripts as open source on Sourceforge.

To make sure, I'm not going to re invite the wheel, I've done some research to some existing frameworks. I found the following:

Do you think many people need another JavaScript framework?


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