Monday, March 20, 2006

Ajax usage

Have you already used Ajax in customers projects?

I've used it for the back end from one of my customers' websites.

For this project I've used Taconite , a lightweight Ajax framework. Starting with Ajax is not too hard when using this framework. It handles the basic stuff: encapsulates browser differences, and handles the technical stuff. The browsers' DOM is used to traverse through the response XML and to insert it into the document. It provides insertion of dynamic content to the page: before / after a node, inside a node or by replacing a node.

For my back end, Ajax is used for flow control and form validation. It works fine, and will save me lots of time on my next projects.

I found some issues with Internet Explorers' DOM support:

  • For TEXTAREA nodes, new lines are ignored by default

  • For SELECT nodes, multiple attribute is skipped

I've made fixes for these bugs. I've given them back to the Taconite community; however, no release with these issues fixed, has been made yet (some issues aren't yet in CVS). Click here to get Taconite with these problems fixed.

Plenty of Ajax frameworks have been released already. Have you been using Ajax already? Should we keep it lightweight, or should it support more stuff such as XUL, like this one does?


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